Most Physicians Would Not Qualify For The Best Rates Based On Their Financial Situation.

The typical doctor scenario poses many challenges for most lenders including all standard Fannie Mae loans. Most banks try to satisfy these mortgage needs with non-conforming loans adjusted with higher rates and less attractive terms.

Accordingly, many banks and other financial institutions have developed a special product to meet the needs of these medical professionals who want the benefits of home ownership with the best loan terms possible.

How Do We Help Medical Professionals In Need?

Our Doctor Home Mortgage website is based on our understanding of the unique situations surrounding doctors as we strive to make it easier for them to qualify. We provide links to lenders who offer unique terms that will help Medical Professionals realize your dream of home ownership. These terms can include 100% financing no PMI, student loan debt exclusion and more.

How are lenders able to offer these great benefits to physicians?

Research has shown that physicians have a very low risk of default on residential mortgages even if they have high debt, few assets and purchase a home with little to no money down. Normally these scenarios cause concern for underwriters who may approve the loan. Doctor loan lenders look at loans differently; they know that your unique financial position is fairly normal for young doctors and that your rate of default on mortgages is still much lower than any other occupation. This is why we are able to find many financial institutions that may offer up to a 100% loan with No PMI and at very competitive rates. These lenders understand the big picture and try to accommodate all of your needs.

No other mortgage loan has all of these benefits and still provides competitive rates. A Medical Professional Mortgage program is simply the best way for a physician to obtain home financing.

The Doctor Home Mortgage is a great loan for medical students.

If you plan to buy a home upon graduation from Medical School, we can help you locate the loan for you. There are many companies that market to medical students, but they do not have a preferred Medical Professional Loan to offer you. So what is the Medical Professional source and how does it benefit you as a graduating medical school student?

Are You Looking For:

  • Low Interest Rates with little or zero down?
  • Debt ratios excluding student loan debt?
  • Future income used in place of current and past income?
  • Moving in before you even start your job?

The Benefits Of Using Doctor Home Mortgage

  • 100% Financing – No Money Down
  • No PMI – Lower Monthly Payments
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty
  • Flexible Loan Programs – Choose payment option that’s best for you
  • Move in up to 60 days prior to starting your next position
  • A true loan for Doctors with special underwriting

What Kind Of Loan Do You Need?

If you plan to buy a home upon graduating from Medical School, this program is the one for you. There are many lenders that market to medical students, but the truth is that they do not have the best loan program to offer graduates.

So what is a Doctor Home Mortgage loan program and how does it benefit you as a graduating medical school student?

The typical scenario for medical school graduates is that they graduate around May, with a lot of student loans and maybe a little savings and accumulated assets, but not much. You are scheduled to begin your residency in July, yet wish to purchase a respectable home prior to beginning in May or June, even though you have have high debt ratios and little or no down payment. You would also like to keep your payments as low as possible. In addition, you are extremely busy during this time period, so you need a smooth and hassle free process. The goal is to get the best loan with the lowest payments possible so you can live comfortably while you are in residency.

While this profile may not be accurate for all medical students, but it certainly covers the majority.

Just as a doctor might specialize in one area of practice, so do our medical professional loan officers who are trained with the expertise to understand your unique situation. Many loans from other companies that cannot offer a true Doctor referrals loan program, may offer some of the above benefits, but few banks can offer all of the benefits a physician loan can.


  • Some lenders offer 100% financing.
  • No PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) means lower monthly payments and savings of thousands of dollars.
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty
  • Available to medical residents, fellows, medical physicians (MD), Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) and Dentists (DDS/DMD)
  • Some lenders offer doctor home mortgages to podiatrists, optometrists, veterinarians, and pharmacists.
  • Student Loan Treatment – We make it much easier for you to qualify for a mortgage by not counting student loans that are deferred. Standard loan guidelines, including Fannie Mae, must still count student loans payments even if the loan is deferred.
  • Close on your home up to 60 days before beginning residency – Most banks require pay stubs before considering you eligible for a mortgage. We make it easy for you to move into your new home right after graduation, before starting your new job.
  • Up to 3% Seller contributions are allowed – meaning that you can structure your purchase so that seller concessions can be used to pay your closing costs.

Are you a first year resident, or are you in the final year of your 5 year residency? No matter where you are in your residency, a Doctor Loan program is the best option for you. These programs offer the most stability and flexibility at a point in your life when the only thing that is constant, is change.

Your financial position can vary widely over your residency period. Depending on your program year, the size of house and what you can afford, may vary widely as well.

Just as you specialize in one area, so do our professional loan officers. We work with doctors every day providing the highest level of service. You will work with trained experts who understand your unique situation.

Many loans from other companies that cannot offer the true doctors loan program, may offer one, two, maybe even three of the above benefits. But very few lenders can offer ALL of the benefits that a Medical Professional Mortgage can.

A Doctor Home Mortgage is the best alternative to find those lenders:


  • No Money Down payment
  • No PMI a great way to achieve lower monthly payments.
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty
  • Student Loan treatment in a special manner– Making it much easier for you to qualify. Are you aware that standard loan guidelines including Fannie Mae must still count student loans payments even if the loan is deferred?
  • Low Rates – We provide you with our lowest rates, even with special situations and little to no money down with No PMI.

You may be aware that our Doctor Home Mortgage program is the ideal loan for graduating medical students and residents, but did you know it is an excellent product for practicing physicians as well?

Although your income may be higher now, you may not yet have the savings to put a large down payment on the home of your dreams. If you do have the savings, you may not want to tie up that money in your home. Your down payment may be better used for other investments, like paying down high interest student loans.


  • Zero Down and No PMI on residential loan programs.*
  • No higher Jumbo loan pricing for loans above conventional loan limits. This gives you a more affordable rate on larger loans, compared to other loans on the market.
  • Offer a wide variety of loan options.
  • Loan Officers are trained professionals that are experts in the physician loans field and are prepared to work with your unique requirements.

For the best program and the best service, contact one of our lenders today.

Doctor Home Mortgage website was founded on the premise of offering a unique product, a Physician Loan, available only to medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists and veterinarians. Although we are based in New Jersey, we deal with banks and financial institutions that are licensed in all 50 states.

As such, each of the banks and loan officers we refer business to holds all of the appropriate licenses to conduct business in those states. Because the Physician Loans product is exclusive to the medical community, we have dedicated time to educating physicians about home loan financing for graduates and doctors. Our lenders have worked diligently to simplify the process and to increase the affordability of a home when saddled with educational debt. We take great pride in educating others on a product that makes it possible for new doctors to purchase a home.

This loan helps doctors by clearing hurdles such as high debt ratios and few assets, which would disqualify new doctors from traditional loans. Enabling new doctors to buy a home straight from medical school, residency or fellowship is our goal.

You’ll find that the loan officers we refer are not just sales people, but trained mortgage professionals who have made a career of serving the financial needs of physicians buying homes. You can expect the most responsive and understanding service from them.

Doctors and residents that we have worked with on their home buying journey often stay in touch, referring other doctor friends and associates to our website. We invite you to get to know us better, as well by following us on Facebook, and Google+, or simply fill out this form with your questions. Fast, reliable and trustworthy service is a click away.

Ready To Get Started?

Find out which bank offers the best doctor loan program within your state. Select your state on the map to reveal offers.

Ready To Get Started?

Find out which bank offers the best doctor loan program within your state. Click on the link below and select your state on the list to reveal offers.